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Spa Manicure
Spa Manicure w Gel Removal
Spa Pedicure
Spa Pedicure w Gel Removal

Nails shaped, cuticle maintenance, massage, and polish.

Sport Manicure
Sport Pedicure

The Spa Mani or Pedi without polish.

Express Mani
Express Pedi

Nails shaped and polished.

Dazzle Dry Mani
Dazzle Dry Pedi

High-performance polish that dries in five minutes and is good for your nails.

Gel Manicure

Express Manicure with gel polish.


Polish Change - Fingers add $15 | Toes add $20 

 French Polish - Fingers add $5 | Toes add $10 

 Hydrating Masque - Fingers add $10 | Toes add $15

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